A little of the science behind the product line that we use.

Optimum No Rinse (ONR) VS the foam cannon
The OPT Car Wax was invented to change the way you look at spray wax. Unmatched UV protection and gloss for the entire car with a patent to back it up! Did we mention that it smells like Pina Colada?
Tired of scrubbing wheels to remove every last bit of brake dust? We show you how to safely remove Iron fallout and deep clean your rims and tires to look like NEW! Ferrex by Optimum Polymer Technologies is the safe and effective way for detailers to clean wheels and remove brake dust, yellowing, rust, and road contamination.
Tired of drying a car and STILL having streaks in the finish? This frustrating step in the detailing process is often due to humidity, direct sun, or an extremely wet towel. Fortunately there are many detailing products that can ALSO be used as drying aids to solve the streaky problem!

In the following podcast we hear directly from Dr. David Ghodoussi, Optimum Polymer Technologies’ CEO and Chemist, as he goes into some of the science behind Opti-Coat!